Window Cleaning – Dangerous Trade

Window Cleaning has been found to be the most dangerous job

Window cleaning can be very dangerous if not done properly.

Churchill Insurance

in UK has found window cleaning to be the most dangerous trade, riskier than that of policemen, firemen or even soldiers.

Churchill spokesman Greg Dawson says: “Window cleaners were top of the pile as they are working at height, on ladders, with one or more implements, and need incredible balance and concentration. They could be described as circus performers without the safety net.”

killed by a fall

killed by a fall 1

According to our own research window cleaning had also been very brutal in the past. The Brooklyn Eagle, daily newspaper in NYC published for 114 years (from 1841 to 1955) is full of accounts about people getting hurt while cleaning windows.

At Clearity we take safety very seriously. Our workers are trained excessively at a higher than industry standards. We do not recommend entrusting your windows to amateurs, as there are lots of things that can go wrong.
fell from a ladder Dec-18-1897

fell from a ladder Dec-18-1897-1

fell while cleaning windows
fell while cleaning windows 1


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