Tilt-in window walls and molding configuration

How to avoid sacrificing the functionality of your windows during home improvement projects

If you have the tilt-in kind of windows, please keep in mind that these windows need to be tilt in to be cleaned either by window cleaners or anybody else. That is it. However simple it might seem and be, usually people do not think about that during construction and renovation projects. Very often do we come across situations when there are

  • moldings
  • walls
  • cabinets
  • shades, blinds, draperies
  • windows sills
  • soundproof windows

are installed or configured, or built in a way that prohibits proper access to the windows. As a result the windows can not be cleaned, or can be at a greater cost. The striking fact is that in most cases there is no necessity for making things in this inferior way. The reason is lack of planning and neglect on the contractor’s side. The customers themselves usually have no idea that a project was done in a way that reduces the functionality of their windows and the problem only surfaces when the window cleaning time comes along.

The solution is therefore simple: know about the problem, let the contractor know that the windows need to be able to tilt in. In particular the bottom sash. It needs to tilt at least 25-30 degrees. The top sash is not so important, so if a contractor has to, sacrificing the top sash’s ability to tilt would not cause as great of a complication for window cleaning.

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