What window cleaning solution do we use

great window cleaner chemistryUpon years of experimenting and tweaking we have found a window cleaning solution that is the absolute best for the cleaning process itself and safe for people involved. Rarely do you see potent cleaning agents that are

  • completely safe for people
  • the glass
  • the window frames
  • the window insulation
  • the environment
  • the upholstery will not be harmed if our solution gets on it.

This solution is neutral with PH level of 7-8, virtually non-toxic, and unlike ammonia does not produce toxic fumes. It is rated at 0 on the Hazardous Material Identification Scale. Ever so popular Windex with ammonia, for example, is rated at 2.

According to our research (public data and inside information), major window cleaning companies either don’t disclose any information on the chemicals they use, or use ammonia-based solutions.

  • Note: Ammonia (ammonia hydroxide) is toxic and can be harmful to wood, glass coating and the insulation of your windows! Read more

We can not disclose publicly the name of the products in the recipe that we use to wash windows, not to loose the competitive edge, but if you are looking for the window cleaning solution for your own window washing project we have an advise for you. Also check out below the list of important qualities that your window cleaning solution must have.

The criteria we used for choosing the best window cleaning solution

    The cleaning perspective:

  • Does it clean well all kinds of dirt?
    We come across all kinds of dirt there is, so this is a very important factor. This cleaning agent must dissolve it all: mechanical dirt particles, all kinds of grease, tar, stains, oily residues, fingerprints, pigeon droppings, insects, food, residues left by previous cleaning attempts.
  • Does it leave any residue on the glass?
    All specifically designed for window cleaning solutions are pretty good at this one, including ours.
  • Does it reduce drag?
    It is an important factor for crystal clean window cleaning. Crucial for squeegee to work its wonders. The less drag – the more effective the squeegee, the better the results.
  • The safety perspective

  • Is it safe for the glass or for the glass coating used by some manufacturers?
    Unlike ammonia-based solutions, our agent is completely safe for glass and coating.
  • Is it safe for window frames?
    The frames are made from various materials and the cleaning agent must be safe (non-corrosive at least) for a whole range of materials like vinyl, aluminum, metal, wood, composite materials, fiberglass. Our cleaning agent is completely safe for all these materials, if fact it can be used for cleaning all of these materials, which we do.
  • Is it safe for upholstery?
    We believe it is a good practice to foresee what happens when our cleaning solution is spilled onto a carpet or piece of furniture. Again it is completely safe for upholstery and can even be used to clean it.
  • Is it safe for people or other living beings? We work in all sorts of circumstances sometimes around small children and take very seriously the safety of our workers and customers and their pets. This solution is non-toxic, and unlike ammonia does not produce toxic fumes. It is rated at 0 on the Hazardous Material Identification Scale. Windex with ammonia is rated at 2.
  • The environment perspective

  • Is it Bio degradable?
    Our window cleaning solution is readily degradable.

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