The best window cleaner

What is the best window cleaner?

We are often asked what is the best window washing solution? As window cleaning professionals, who actively experiment and tweak this crucial part of the process, our answer, considering options that are freely available on the market, is “Down” the dish washing liquid. It is the absolute best. Least amount of streaks, very rich foam, lowest drag, excellent cleaning properties in terms of dissolving dirt, very safe to the glass and the person who is cleaning the glass and your pets. Especially good are the ones that started to appear recently on the market with cleaning enzymes added to the solution. And it is only a couple of dollars. The only downside to using it is the need of a squeegee to actually use it for window washing. Using down as your window cleaning solution is not a good idea for a “paper towel” method, when you wipe the glass dry with it. But no worries: basic squeegees can be found in any of the 99 cents stores or even in the Ikea store. It is a good investment, if you actually clean your windows yourself. Buying a squeegee would save you lots of time and will deliver the results that can not be achieved using paper towels.

For lots of professional window washers Dawn is the solution of choice as well. Our company also uses it at times when customers are very allergic or have concerns about their pets and in some other instances.

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